9 Best Snow Sleds for your next winter adventure

The sledging season is coming

For sledgers, there is no season like winter. Leafless trees and the crunch of fresh snow underfoot mean one thing – it’s time for action on the slopes! Whether you are a youngster with limited experience, or a serious adrenaline seeker, this selection of intelligently designed AlpenGaudi sleds will give you hours of downhill fun.

Simple Disc Snow Sleds

One of the most exhilarating elements of sledging is its joyful simplicity. Gravity does all the hard work, leaving you to hold on and enjoy the ride. Promoting this uncomplicated sense of fun is AlpenGaudi’s range of simple disc snow sleds.

These lightweight yet sturdy sliders are designed to send you safely down the slopes with the minimum of fuss, and maximum enjoyment. Plus, you can rely on quality materials and budget-friendly pricing.
simple grey

Racing sleds with steering wheel

Looking for that extra rush? For those who want to find the fastest route down the slope, AlpenGaudi racing sleds are the perfect choice. Carve your way to victory with a robust metal steering mechanism for reliable sled handling, while steel claws ensure effective breaking and foot rests a safe grip. 

Choose between one and two seater models and take your sledging experience to the next level.

For small kids & babys

Young children love the snow, especially when sleds are involved. AlpenGaudi has designed a selection of snow sleds which are tailored to little ones, including the famous AlpenGaudi Bambino.

You can be confident of your child’s safety thanks to tried and tested safety features. A safety belt, high flanks and anti-slip seating ensure your child sits securely in position. While the low centre of gravity and huge supporting surface make tipping of the sled almost impossible.
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