Mini cooler

Ultra-modern 5 l thermoelectric personal refrigerator to keep food and drink cool or hot. It has a lightweight compact design and is easy to carry and transport. For use at home or on the move.
  • 小巧设计
  • 制冷和加热装置
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For lovers of perfect design

This 5 l mini refrigerator is perfect for lovers of perfect design. Not only does the Dometic MyFridge TMF-05S look great with its ultra-modern steel appearance, but its thermoelectrics provide efficient cooling and heating options. The TMF-05S cools up to 20 °C below, or heat up to +65 °C above the outside absolute temperature. The lightweight and compact design is sure to please. Weighing in at only 3.3 kg this is the perfect cooler for home or on the go!


SKU 编号 9105301512 
型号 F05 
标签上的型号 MF-05 
标准配置 1 Cooling device, 1 Shelf, 1 Connection cable for 12V DC connection, 1 Mains cable with adapter, 1 Operating manual 
产品介绍 Mini cooler 
冰箱技术 半导体技术 
尺寸产品深度,[mm] - 显示 281 mm
尺寸产品高度,[mm] - 显示 313 mm
尺寸产品宽度,[mm] - 显示 190 mm
净重,[kg] - 显示 3.3 kg
总容积 (EN62552):[l] 5 l
容积 - 总容积 (EN62552) 5 l
容积 - 总容积 (EN62552) 5 l
输入电压(直流电),[V] 12 V
噪音 (DIN60704-1 & 60704-2-14),[dB(A)] 0 dB(A)
气候类型 (EN62552)
认证 E4, GS 
EAN-13 4015704152524 
尺寸包裹深度,[mm] - 显示 650 mm
尺寸包裹高度,[mm] - 显示 365 mm
尺寸包裹宽度,[mm] - 显示 440 mm
包裹重量,[kg] - 显示 3.50 kg
TMF 05S 9105301512 d401
TMF 05S 9105301512 d401