Mobicool W48
48 l thermoelectric cool box, metallic blue – 12 V A++

The Mobicool W48 is one of our largest portable coolers, and the perfect addition to any party. Plus, with its sturdy wheels and lifting handles, you can take it anywhere! Fill it with food and drink for all your friends, and let the good times roll!
  • 便于携带
  • 超大容量
    48 升
  • 分离式盖子
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The party starts when the cool box rolls in

Taking food and drink supplies to your ideal picnic spot couldn't be easier thanks to the convenient portability of the Mobicool W48. All models of the W48 have two sturdy wheels, a pull-out handle, side-handles for lifting and can operate using your car's battery – giving you have the freedom enjoy cool food and drink anywhere! Some versions of the W48 have the added benefit of being powered by mains electricity for indoor use. Thanks to their extra thick insulation, and a robust outer casing the Mobicool W48 cool box can cool up to 18 °C below the ambient temperature, while being tough enough for use outdoors. A split lid design minimizes loss of cold air, while the removable inner divider and cable compartment keep things nice and organised. Explore with freedom, with friends and enough cold storage for the whole party!


SKU 编号 9105302941 
型号 W48 
标签上的型号 W48 
标准配置 1 Cooling device1 Partition1 Connection cable for cigarette lighter1 User manual 
产品介绍 48 l thermoelectric cool box, metallic blue – 12 V 
冰箱技术 半导体技术 
尺寸产品深度,[mm] - 显示 532 mm
尺寸产品高度,[mm] - 显示 452 mm
尺寸产品宽度,[mm] - 显示 400 mm
净重,[kg] - 显示 7.60 kg
总容积 (EN62552):[l] 48 l
容积 - 总容积 (EN62552) 48 l
容积 - 总容积 (EN62552) 48 l
输入电压(直流电),[V] 12 V
额定输入功率(直流电),[W] 47 W
能源等级 EU (1060/2010/EC) A++ 
气候类型 (EN62552)
颜色 Metallic blue 
认证 E4 
EAN-13 4015704223859 
尺寸包裹深度,[mm] - 显示 550 mm
尺寸包裹高度,[mm] - 显示 490 mm
尺寸包裹宽度,[mm] - 显示 410 mm
包裹重量,[kg] - 显示 9.95 kg