Ezetil is now MOBICOOL

Expanding Mobile Cooling Solutions

Chilled drinks and fresh food anywhere, anytime – mobile cooling solutions from EZetil make it possible.
Take your choice from a wide range of cool products for home, travel, leisure time, work or shopping. 
There’s everything from a party fridge on wheels to a car cooler that can be safely fastened with a seat belt.

EZetil has been around in the market for over 60 years, combining the best of tradition and innovation. 
Go on a journey of discovery, find out which EZetil products are coolest for you, and enjoy your way.

Cool Boxes & Soft Coolers

Keep yourself and friends fully refreshed with our range of cool boxes and soft coolers. All products are made from quality materials that are hard-wearing, leak-proof and safe to store food and drink. Designed for superb insulation, our impressive passive cool boxes can keep ice frozen for days!

Choose from mobile cool boxes and soft coolers designed with specific uses in mind – from cool bags for the beach or outdoor adventures to electric coolers use in your car or home. A variety of sizes, powered or non-powered versions, will suit your group’s size and needs.

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Drinkware - Vacuum Flasks & Drink Bottles

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, enjoy a drink with our superb range of LaPLAYA Thermoproducts. These drinkware products allow you to enjoy hot or cold drinks at the perfect temperature. Designed for sports, travel and the home, you’ll find handy features to suit the intended use. 

From clips for attachment to other equipment, a robust casing or detachable parts for easy cleaning, this collection brings together the best in design, high quality manufacturing and materials. Ergonomic features ensure user comfort, while practical features like a non-slip grip add safety and convenience.

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Coca Cola Coolers & Mini Refrigerators

As well as keeping your drinks cool, our Coca-Cola® style coolers and mini refrigerators look fantastic. Officially licensed by one of the world's most iconic brands, the cheerful style of the Coca-Cola brand is combined with Mobicool’s cooling expertise. 

Our mini refrigerators are perfect for adding extra cool storage at home, the office or campsite. While the wide assortment of portable soft coolers comes in a variety of sizes and includes passive coolers for use on the beach or electric coolers for use with your car’s cigarette lighter.

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