Mobicool MBF20
Mini Fridge 20L single module black grey glass

Fashion Multifunctional Refrigerator
  • Home and car use
    Dual Usage
  • Cold and hot function
  • Low-decibel Silence Mode
    Swedish Design : 9600022465
Mobicool MBF20
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    • Real 20L Storage Space
    • Multi-mode power supply, dual-home and car use, to meet a variety of refrigeration needs
    • Cold and warm function, to meet different needs
    • Low-decibel mute mode design, reject noise interference (normal mode is lower than 26 dB, mute mode is lower than 23 dB)
    • The temperature difference of the coldest point can reach 22 ℃, which meets different refrigeration requirements
    • Only about 50 watts of power consumption, more energy-saving
    • Tempered glass panel, beautiful and fashionable, anti-scratch, dirty and easy to clean

Car and home dual-use, cold and warm dual-use, to meet a variety of refrigeration needs

Mobicool MBF20 has 20L storage capacity, fashionable and concise appearance. The product uses advanced NASA grade refrigeration sheet and internal integrated aluminum. It has good performance, higher cooling efficiency. The MBF20 is dual-usage, with the function of cooling and heating. The noise level is lower than 23dB under the silent working mode. With the classic front door design, the door with tempered glass panel that beautiful and fashionable, it’s easy to clean. MBF20 is suitable for storing women's cosmetics, drugs, and personal storage of food in the office.


SKU number 9600022465 
Model MBF20 
Product Description Mini Fridge 20L single module black grey glass 
Dimensions product depth 350.70 mm
Dimensions product height 464.50 mm
Dimensions product width 307.50 mm
Gross volume (EN62552) 20.00 l
Storage volume - total (EN 62552) 19.40 l
Storage volume - total (EN 62552) 19.40 l
Colour White