Mobicool MDA40
Insulated mug, 0.4 l

Stylishly dressed in stainless steel, this 0.4 l insulated mug is ideal for storing hot coffee or a refreshing cold drink. It is just the right size for your car's cup holder and stays tightly closed wherever the action takes you.
  • Suitable for hot and cold drinks
  • Open and close with one hand
  • Fits most vehicle cup holders : 9600025007
Mobicool MDA40
...And more
    • Hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold for hours
    • Drink hole in the lid can be opened and closed with one hand
    • Fits in most vehicle cup holders – convenient access during the journey
    • Double-wall insulation – stainless steel outside, plastic inside
    • Integrated plastic handle for convenient drinking
    • Eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper or plastic cups

The eco-friendly choice for your drinks

Are you the active sort? Then the Mobicool MDA40 is your ideal travel mug! The double-wall container, with a robust stainless steel on the outside, keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for several hours. When you're ready for a break, simply slide open the lid opening and enjoy! This 0.4 l mug fits into most car cup holders and is great to have on long journeys or early morning drives to work. It's easy to clean and can be re-used over and over again – so it's a smart, eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper or plastic cups!