Mobicool Soft Ice Pack 600

Flexible ice pack for deep-freezing, pack size 12, 600 g

This 600 g ice pack stays flexible for closer contact with, and more effective cooling of frozen food. It keeps food frozen "on ice" for some hours. It can also be heated and used to keep items warm. : 9600024997
Mobicool Soft Ice Pack 600
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    • Specially designed for frozen and fresh food it can also keep things warm
    • Stays flexible even at –18 °C to ensure a close contact with frozen goods
    • Maintains a continuous cold chain during transport to prevent quality loss
    • Can be reused as often as desired

Ice-cold flexibility

Do you rush home from the supermarket to prevent your deep-frozen food from thawing or your ice-cream melting away? You don’t need to. Simply put some good quality ice packs into an insulated shopping bag or cooling box. The Mobicool Soft Ice Pack 600 is specially designed for deep-frozen items and is also suitable for fresh food. The 600 g ice pack is flexible, even when frozen to –18 °C, to ensure a closer contact with food and more reliable cooling effect. And you want to keep items warm, it can even be heated to do that too!


SKU number 9600024997 
Model SoftIce 
Model on label Soft Ice pack 600 
Scope of delivery 1 Soft ice pack 
Product Description Flexible ice pack for deep-freezing, pack size 12, 600 g 
Dimensions product depth 175 mm
Dimensions product height 240 mm
Dimensions product width 10 mm
Net weight 0.61 kg
EAN-13 4015704278569 
Dimensions parcel depth 330 mm
Dimensions parcel height 200 mm
Dimensions parcel width 220 mm
Parcel weight 7.56 kg
Quantity per package 12