Mobicool Ice Pack 220

High performance ice pack, pack size 27, 2 x 220 g

Keep food fresh with two 220 g high performance ice packs. With cooling for up to 12 h, they are ideal for use in passive coolers. They are also useful if you want to take an electric cooler to the beach or other off-grid locations. : 9600024991
Mobicool Ice Pack 220
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    • Keeps food fresh between 0 °C and +10 °C for up to 12 h
    • Made from a food-grade plastic material
    • Leak-proof and hygienic – seamless design made of one piece, without a stopper
    • Durable quality for repeated use

Ice packs with staying power

When you are packing your picnic cooler for a long day out on the beach, don’t forget to add some ice packs to keep temperatures low and your provisions fresh. The Mobicool Ice Pack 220 includes two 220 g high performance ice packs that stay cold for up to 12 h. Made from food-grade plastic material, the robust packs are extremely durable and leak-proof. You can use them over and over again, for many years to come.


SKU number 9600024991 
Model Accu220 
Model on label High Perf. Ice pack 2x220 gr. 
Scope of delivery 2 Ice packs 
Product Description High performance ice pack, pack size 27, 2 x 220 g 
Dimensions product depth 88 mm
Dimensions product height 165 mm
Dimensions product width 35 mm
Net weight 0.44 kg
Colour White 
EAN-13 4015704278422 
Dimensions parcel depth 385 mm
Dimensions parcel height 165 mm
Dimensions parcel width 275 mm
Parcel weight 13 kg
Quantity per package 27