Mobicool MV30

Mobicool MV30

29 l thermoelectric cooler, blue – 12/230 V

Top sellers with factory direct options

Pepper, ginger and mint are the in-colors for the 2020 season. Feel free to order your favourite colors. A certain quantity provided, we will gladly have your factory direct models produced for you. Just contact us!
  • Pepper red
  • Ginger yellow
  • Mint green
Top sellers with factory direct options
Mobicool MV30
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    • Total volume of 29 l provides space for up to 49 cans or six 1.5 l bottles (five standing upright)
    • Heavy-duty construction for outdoor use and longer life
    • Double fan system for great air distribution and quicker chill
    • Use in a vehicle or with mains electricity at campsites (12/230 V)
    • Carry handle serves to either lock or support the lid

Quick chill electric cooler

Whether you are heading off on a road trip, or having friends over for a party, the Mobicool MV30 can take care of your cooling needs. Its flexible power options allow it to run on 12 V DC from your car battery or using the 230 V AC mains electricity on campsites or within your vehicle. With a heavy-duty construction it can handle outdoor conditions and the bumps and bangs of transportation. Its versatile carry handle locks the lid while you're on the move and can also hold the lid open for easy access to contents. A reliable and quick cooling performance is ensured thanks to the double fan system which distributes cool air effectively throughout the unit. Within its generous 29 l storage, you can fit up to 49 cans or five 1.5 l bottles upright. The Mobicool MV30 makes chilling with friends easy.